Yield Work &”Himotore” Collaborative Workshop  -“MA”, Not Knowing, Integrity- By Hiroyoshi Tahata, Isao Koseki

Yield Work × “Himotore” Collaborative WS (Video Streaming)

We are pleased to announce a collaborative workshop by Hiroyoshi Tahata, founder of Yielding Embodiment®︎ (Yield Work), and Isao Koseki, creator/developer of “Himotore”, to be held again this year in Nagoya.

You can watch the workshop by registering for the WS video streaming (VOD) service. The video will be available with English subtitles about one month post-event. You can also watch the WS live via Zoom streaming, though the entire class will be taught only in Japanese. 

Please see below for description and details of the WS.

Demonstration of Yield Work(November, 2022)
“Himotore” WS(December, 2023)

Unique Methods for better balance, movement and structure

  • Yield Work

In Yield Work, a “just right (suitable) spatial position / MA (space and time)” between practitioner and receiver (client) is used as an approach to facilitate yielding movement, somatic resonance and self-regulation for the structure to be more functional.

“The action of yielding brings us into contact with the environment so that we can release our weight into gravity.” (Agneessens and Tahata, 2012)
Support is essential in any movement of the body. The experience of yielding leads to enhanced support, deep rest, and self-regulation, and provides possibilities for movement that have thus far been unexplored in the previous patterns.

  • Himotore

Himotore is a method of toning and coordinating the entire body using a single string. (A string is called “Himo” in Japanese. “Tore” comes from training.)

Simply wrapping loosely around the body or moving with one string as a guide facilitates changes in physical tension and balance, awakens the body’s innate functions, and leads to a body that can perform at its full potential.

It aims to improve the balance of the body and mind, and to improve the quality of daily life through fine-tuning the “pre-condition” of fundamental movement; such as standing, sitting, walking, breathing, etc. It is an attempt to approach the body that is common among all humans; regardless of their ethnicity, culture, field of activities, age and gender. It can be seen as a preparation of the body and/or a process to learn movement in harmony with natural structure and to expresses its innate potential. It is not an approach to any problem, as the purpose is to condition and learn the whole bodily balance and attain a new balance in every moment.

About the theme and contents

The organizer of this WS has continuously learned from the unique perspectives of the two instructors. He has come to realize that there are some underlying resonance between them.
An example of this resonance can be explained with the words “MA, Not Knowing, Integrity”, which will be central themes of this workshop.

We will explore these themes through experiencing the unique works with their founders/developers. The exploration with one’s own body will deepen participants’ understanding and embodiment of the works.

The full content of the WS has not been finalized. Here is the likely schedule of this workshop.

The content of the post-workshop video will include the lecture, demonstrations and reflections by both instructors as well as questions and discussions posed by participants throughout the WS. The video will come with English subtitles, but won’t fully include practical work part among the participants.

<WS schedule (subject to change)>

AM: Balance & Himotore workshop by Isao Koseki

You will learn the important “premise” of Himotore, the essentials that are difficult to get from books alone and how to use the string according to specific situations or problems,.

Lunch with Himotore

Unexpected but interesting uses of string may change the taste and experience of your lunch!
This part may or may not be included in the video/recording.
If you are interested in learning about “Lunch with Himotore”, please let us know in advance so that we can include this in the video as much as possible.

PM-1 Yield Work introductory workshop by Hiroyoshi Tahata

This is a work to facilitate self-regulation through yielding movement. But it is not easy to fully understand just through explanation. You will experience it firsthand through a demonstration by Hiro-san and pair work among participants.

PM-2 Reflection and summary

The day will be reviewed based on interactions between the two instructors and questions from the participants.
Please look forward to comments from the two instructors who have participated in each other’s workshops.

General Information

  • Date: Friday, 24th May 2024, 9:30AM – 18:00PM (Japan Standard Time)
  • Instructors: Hiroyoshi Tahata (Certified Advanced Rolfer™️、Founder of Yielding Embodiment®︎), Isao Koseki (Balance trainer, Creator/developer of “Himotore”)
  • Venue: Empukuji Temple, Nagoya Japan
  • Tuition for VOD : JPY 12,000 + transaction fee (depends on the way of payment)
    • The video of the WS becomes available with English subtitle, about one month post- event
    • The live video streaming of the WS in Japanese is also available – you may ask questions if time allows 
    • Minimum number of participants for VOD with English subtitle: 10
    • You can choose the way of payment;
      • 1) sending money to MUFG Bank with Wise or domestic bank transfer: 12,000 JPY
      • 2) paying with PayPal: 13,000 JPY
  • Tools of Streaming
    • The video of the WS: via Vimeo, available to view for 3 months

    • Live streaming: via zoom

  • Application: please click this link or the button below, and send an application.
  • Cancellation policy:
    • Cancel due to the participant’s circumstance: You will be refunded the balance after a cancellation fee (3,000JPY) and transaction fee has been deducted.
    • Cancel due to the organizer’s circumstance: You will be refunded the full tuition (12,000 JPY or 13,000 JPY)
  • Contact: Toshikazu Gamaike E-Mail, Contact
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  • Organizer: Toshikazu Gamaike